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The Power of One

By Ruth Soltman

Our society would love for you to believe that you do not matter and that nothing you do can make a difference. We have been conditioned to believe that our actions do not create change. That could not be farther from the truth. You can make a difference. In fact, there are many people that have single handedly started change that rippled throughout all of humanity. Some created change through their words, others through their actions.

We can get stuck in a place of stagnation, never moving, never changing. That is a very sad and unhealthy place to be. When we see things going on in the world around us, we may feel very insignificant. Know that you are significant. Know that you can make a difference. Know that you are here for a specific reason.

In this time, in this place, we have incarnated to be the change we want to see. We are called into action on a spiritual level. Find your special gifts. Make your contribution to humanity. The time is now! You are being called into action. Discover or uncover your gifts and share them with the world. No matter how big or how small, you can make a difference!!!

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