The book may be small but, the content is huge! We all have beliefs but where did they come from? What are they based upon? Were they handed down to you from your family? Have they been put on you by society? Have you been influenced by your friends? Do you believe what you believe based on your own findings or experience or are they based on the findings and experience of others? This book has been Divinely Inspired and designed to make you think. It will propel you into delving deeper into yourself. It will assist you in peeling away the layers of other peoples' beliefs that were put upon you...and help you find your own. As you grow and evolve on every level, your views and beliefs change. It is important to review these questions and your answers periodically to see how you have grown and changed. You will be amazed by your results. The ABCs of Unconditional Love contains questions that can change your life. If you are honest and truthful with yourself as you answer each question, the results will be an eye-opener and change your entire perspective...getting you one step closer to your Authentic Self.

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